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Assembly Annals

1933 to 1968

Edited by:  Dr H A Cameron (first editor) and later by the brothers Pell

Published by\in: USA

Followed on from "Our Record" and was itself succeeded by "The Uplook"
"was initially acceptable in conservative Gospel Halls, but soon became more and more aligned with looser GH’s and the conservative chapels."
I have three volumes; Volume 1 New Series July 1933 - June 1934 July 1935 (marked both NS 3 No 1, Old Series 9 No. 7) to Dec 1936 (NS 3 No 18, Old Series 10 No 11) Vol 7 (jan - Dec 1940)


These files are free to download but for personal use only and not re-publication. Thank-you!

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