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Timothy Stunt said ...
I tried to submit S P Tregelles birth date (30-01-1813) and death date (24-04-1875) but it would not accept my offering and these dates are still referenced as 'unkown' [sic]. Another item which should be on the archive items under his name should be 'A letter from Mr Tregelles to Mr Gough relative to the exclusion of Mr Newton from the Lord’s table in Rawstorne Street, (London 1847)' which you have archived under The letter is actually dated 16 December 1846. Timothy Stunt: 19 Dec. 2016.
Monday, Dec 19, 2016 : 23:30

Tom said ...
Thanks .. I updated the birth and death dates. Sorry it is still not working for you .. i'm not sure why this is :-S .. Added the link with the letter too.
Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016 : 00:29

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