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"The Word of God"

by J. G. Deck

Some tell me that the Bible
  Is not God's sacred Word,
And brand as cunning fables
  The records of the Lord ;
That Moses is a fiction,
  And prophets never spake,
And e'en the blessed gospels
  As myths I should forsake.
There was a time I listened
  To these old serpent's lies,-
My foolish heart sore tempted
  The Bible to despise :
Its holiness rebuked me,
  Its precepts crossed my will;
I wished to silence conscience,
  And thus my lusts fulfil.
I cared not for the Saviour,
  This present world I loved;
Its lusts, and wealth, and glory,
  Alone my passions moved.
I cared not for a heaven,
  I hoped there were no hell;
I wished for no hereafter,
  I loved my sins too well.
Alas! in mad rebellion,
  I hoped there were no God:
I cared not for His favour,
  Though trembling at His rod;
I wished His word a fable
  That warned of wrath to come; 
"No God," my heart would mutter,
  "No future weal, or doom !"
And yet my mother taught me,
  In tones so sweet and mild, 
To know its holy pages
  E'en when I was a child;
She read to me of Jesus,
  Of all His grace and love;
And sought with tears my blessing-
  His blessing from above.
Oh, why did I so madly
  My mother's law forsake ?
Oh, why did I so basely
  God's righteous precepts break ?
Oh, why did I so blindly
  His warnings all despise,
And from the Friend of Sinners
  Avert my heart and eyes ?
His mercy still pursued me
  While wand'ring far away ;
His hand with sickness smote me,
  To wound, but not to slay:
His Spirit then convinced me,
  And brought my guilt to light;
I saw my lost condition,
  How awful was the sight!
The serpent's crafty teachings,
  The heart's deceptive lies,
The sceptic's subtle reasonings,
  All vanished from mine eyes:
Naked, and lost, and guilty,
  Beneath God's searching eye-
Eternity before me-
  Oh, whither could I fly ?
Oh then what beauteous sunshine
  Burst on my raptured sight!
It chased away the darkness,
  And all was life, and light:
I saw how grace and glory
  In God's free gospel shone;
Before the cross, my terrors
  And unbelief were gone.
I love the blessed Bible,
  I know it all is true;
It is a faithful mirror  
  In which myself I view:
It shows me all my weakness,
  My folly and my shame;
But makes thereby more precious
  My Saviour's grace and name.
Oh what a light in darkness !
  Oh what a balm in woe !
What streams of consolation
  Through all its pages flow !
What mines of richest treasure,
  What glories fresh I meet,
While, pondering the Scriptures,
  I sit at Jesus' feet!
His name, like sweetest music,
  Falls ever on mine ear;
I go to it, expecting
  My Saviour's voice to hear: 
A monument of mercy! ,
  Oh, may my life proclaim
The truth of God's salvation,
  The glory of His name!

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