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On The Lamb Our Souls Are Resting

by Julius Anton von Poseck

Set: Yarnfield 2016
Tune: Rhineland

1 ON the Lamb our souls are resting,
What His love no tongue can say;
All our sins, so great, so many,
In His blood are washed away.

2 Sweetest rest and peace have filled us,
Sweeter praise than tongue can tell;
God is satisfied with Jesus,
We are satisfied as well.

3 Conscience now no more condemns us,
For His own most precious blood
Once for all has washed and cleansed us ---
Cleansed us in the eyes of God.

4 Filled with this sweet peace for ever,
On we go, through strife and care,
Till we find that peace around us
In the Lamb's high glory there.

Mackie said ...
I'm so happy the Lord led me to this website. Thank Thee, oh Lord!

Thank you, Tom!
Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 : 22:04

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