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O Wondrous Saviour! Jesus, Lord

by Miss S. M. Walker (1848-1918)

Set: Canterbury 2011 Stage
Tune: St. Aidan

Set: Spruce Lake 2004
Tune: St. Aidan

1 O WONDROUS Saviour! Jesus, Lord,
Worthy alone to be adored,
We worship Thee!
Thou holy, spotless Son of God,
To Thee the incarnate living Word,
All glory be.

2 In Thee all human graces blend,
And to Thy Father e'er ascend,
As incense rare;
Fragrant to Him Thou ever art,
Source of rejoicing to His heart,
Most sweet and fair.

3 Fairer than all the sons of men,
Beyond all praise of tongue or pen,
Thou peerless One!
In grace, in patient tenderness,
In truth, in holy faithfulness,
Thine equal --- none!

4 Matchless, incomparable, divine! --- 
In Jesus all perfections shine --- 
Oh, blessed Name!
How shall we tell its worth abroad,
How tell the praises of our Lord,
Or spread His fame?

5 This, this shall be our endless theme,
When glorified we share with Him
The Father's home.
And see in blessed wondrous grace
Our God revealed in Jesus' face,
Lord Jesus, come!

Nick Fleet said ...
This tune is actually called WONDROUS SAVIOUR and was adapted from ST AIDAN by Miss S M Walker to fit the words she wrote
Friday, Jan 27, 2017 : 01:22

Tom said ...
Thanks .. guess it is incorrectly named in the book then.
Friday, Feb 10, 2017 : 20:18

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