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Lord Jesus, To Tell Of Thy Love

by Thomas Haweis (1732-1820)

Set: Spruce Lake 2004
Tune: De Fleury Dactylic

1 LORD Jesus, to tell of Thy love
Our souls shall for ever delight,
And sing of Thy glory above,
In praises by day and by night.
Wherever we follow Thee, Lord,
Admiring, adoring, we see
That love which was stronger than death,
Flow out without limit, and free.

2 Descending from glory on high,
With men Thy delight was to dwell,
Contented, our Surety to die,
By dying to save us from hell.
Enduring the grief and the shame,
Thou barest our sins on the cross,
Oh! who would not boast of this love,
And count the world's glory but loss?

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