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God And Father, We Thy Children

Set: Yarnfield 2016
Tune: Northampton

1 GOD and Father, we Thy children
Would in meekness hear Thy word,
Undistracted, hearts responsive,
As Thy Spirit strikes the chord;
All Thy mind we would be learning,
As the desert path we trace;
Thine we are, and would be leaning
Ever on Thy boundless grace.

2 Still the Spirit is revealing
Heights of glory Thou hast given,
And our eyes by faith are seeing
Christ at Thy right hand in heaven;
As on earth His path was trodden,
Ever subject to Thy will,
As the Man of all Thy counsels,
Who the universe will fill.

3 When our hearts this place accord Him,
When, as Isaac, He has come,
Cast the bondslave out and ruleth
As the Lord upon His throne,
Then our hearts bow down before Him,
This world's glory waxeth dim,
Every hindrance then must vanish,
All be subject unto Him.

4 God our Father, Thee we worship,
Praise Thee evermore that Thou
Leadest us in triumph, telling
All Thy boundless love e'en now;
May we therefore still be learning,
In Thy word Thy counsels trace,
Till the day that Thou displayest
All the glory of Thy grace.

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