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Lord, We Do Not Ask The Question

by E. Williams

Set: Canterbury 2011 Main
Tune: Lynton

Set: Castlewellan 2008
Tune: Lynton

1 LORD, we do not ask the question,
Where abidest Thou?
Well we know where Thou art dwelling,
Well we know it now.

2 Thou abidest in the bosom
Of the Father's love;
In that love for ever living,
Love --- all thought above.

3 And we know that Thou would'st have us
Ever dwell with Thee,
In that holy, heavenly circle,
Home of liberty.

4 Lord, we thank Thee, this our portion
While we wait for Thee;
Now to live in love unbounded,
And eternally.

5 Hold our hearts, O Lord, we pray Thee
By and in Thy love,
Till we dwell with Thee in glory
Evermore above.

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