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Thou, Thou Art Worthy, Lord

by Miss Christiana Helene von Poseck

Set: Grove City 2005
Tune: Diademata S.M.D.

Set: Yarnfield 2016
Tune: Ferguson S.M.

1 THOU, Thou art worthy, Lord,
Of most untiring praise;
The Lamb once slain shall be adored
Through everlasting days.

2 Heaven's vault with praise shall ring
Louder and yet more loud;
Millions of saints Thy worth shall sing
Each heart in worship bowed.

3 Worthy! again, again ---
Angels with saints combine,
Ascribing to the Lamb once slain
Wisdom and power divine.

4 The tide shall still roll on,
That tide of endless praise,
Till every creature to Thy throne
Its voice in blessing raise.

5 O Lord, the glad new song
Is ours e'en here to sing;
With loyal heart and joyful tongue
We now our homage bring.

6 "Worthy!" we cry again,
"Worthy for evermore!"
And at Thy feet, O Lamb once slain,
We worship, we adore.

Nick Fleet said ...
Actually, this hymnwriter's name is CHRISTIANA Helena von Poseck, not Catherine - the information given in the music edition is wrong. She complained that her second line was changed from its original wording 'of glad, untiring praise'.

Also, the tune being sung at Grove City is DIADEMATA S.M.D - I'll send you a recording of FERGUSON
Saturday, Feb 11, 2017 : 01:22

Tom said ...
Thanks, name fixed, and tune.
Monday, Feb 13, 2017 : 20:24

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