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Father, How Precious Unto Thee

by Unknown

Set: Canterbury 2011 Stage
Tune: Jackson's C.M.

Set: Grove City 2005
Tune: Jackson's C.M.
* Verses 1,2,5,6,7

1 FATHER, how precious unto Thee
Is Thy beloved Son,
In whom Thou dost perfection see,
Thy holy, blessed One!

2 When He in flesh the desert passed,
He loved to do Thy will;
His food it was, through to the last,
Thy pleasure to fulfil.

3 Only-begotten, He revealed
Thyself unto Thy praise:
The Father, until then concealed,
Was seen in all His ways.

4 As in His life, so in His death,
He was devoted still;
For us in love resigned His breath,
Obedient to Thy will.

5 He glorified Thee on the earth:
Thy work by Him was done;
And Thou, who knewest all His worth,
Didst glorify Thy Son.

6 Now crowned and seated on Thy throne,
He is Thy joy and rest;
And we who are through grace Thine own
In Him are fully blest.

7 He, preciousness itself to Thee,
To us is precious too;
We every beauty in Him see,
And Thine own glory view.

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