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We Go To Meet The Saviour

by P. Gerhardt (1607-1676)

Tune: Cliff College

Tune: Cliff College

Tune: Cliff College

Tune: Cliff College

1 We go to meet the Saviour,
His glorious face to see;
What manner of behaviour
Doth with this hope agree?
May God's illumination
Guide heart and walk aright,
That so our preparation
Be pleasing in His sight.

2 Throughout the darksome hours,
Till night shall pass away,
We'll chant with all our powers
The blessings of that day;
To Thee, the Lord of glory,
We raise the happy song,
And make Thy love's bright story
The theme of every tongue.

3 Love caused Thine incarnation,
This brought Thee from on high;
Thy thirst for our salvation,
This made Thee come to die;
Oh, love beyond all measure,
Wherewith Thou didst embrace
The victims of the pressure
Of sin and its disgrace.

4 Not sinful man's endeavour,
Nor any mortal's care,
Could draw Thy sovereign favour
To sinners in despair;
Uncalled Thou cam'st with gladness
Us from the fall to raise,
And change our grief and sadness
To songs of joy and praise.

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