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What Raised The Wondrous Thought

by G.V. Wigram

Tune: Silchester S.M.

Tune: Silchester S.M.

Tune: Silchester S.M.

Tune: Silchester S.M.

Tune: Mudstone S.M.

1 WHAT raised the wondrous thought,
Or who did it suggest,
That we, the church, to glory brought,
Should with the Son be blest?

2 O God! the thought was Thine,
(Thine only it could be),
Fruit of the wisdom, love divine,
Peculiar unto Thee:

3 For, sure, no other mind,
For thoughts so bold, so free,
Greatness or strength, could ever find;
Thine only it could be.

4 The motives, too, Thine own,
The plan, the counsel, Thine!
Made for Thy Son, bone of His bone,
In glory bright to shine.

5 O God, with great delight
Thy wondrous thought we see,
Upon His throne, in glory bright
The bride of Christ shall be.

6 Sealed with the Holy Ghost,
We triumph in that love,
Thy wondrous thought has made our boast,
Glory with Christ above.

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