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The Year 1934

Preaching Christ for 65 Years

by Alfred Mace

"Reminiscences and Experiences in the Life of Alfred Mace. Evangelist and Bible Teacher."
31 Pages
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Tom said ...
This is actually one of the most interesting items I have. Starts by describing his conversion under William Carter (who I have written a blog post on, he preached to 1000's in theatre meetings and tea meetings etc), then goes on to tell about his time among the brethren with stories of JND and others. Even narrates how he preached the gospel in Plum Lane! After this he went full time in the gospel work, and traveled extensively to other places. Of course, Mace is also known for his part in the sin against FW Grant in 1884, though he later apologised for his part in it, and had clearly come along way from there. It is hard to know where to categorise this but as he ended up with Open Brethren, I will put it there. Mentions at the end the possibility of a later edition, which will need to keep an eye out for.
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013 : 18:36

Rodger said ...
A most interesting account of a most interesting life. Do you happen to have his booklet "Divine Fellowship" to share on the site, Tom?
Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015 : 02:45

Tom said ...
Hi Rodger, Yeah I found that book fascinating too .. I am not sure if I have the pamphlet, I do know I have some Mace stuff but most my books are all packed away in boxes at the moment! I will look out for it though; will appear some-time im sure. Tom
Friday, Feb 6, 2015 : 09:06

Jonathan said ...
I believe he was the grandfather of Dr Neil Shepherd of Levenshulme, Manchester, who lived to a grand old age and passed away a few years ago. I can't remember where I heard this factoid, so I just add for interest and correction if needed!
Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017 : 14:20

Tom said ...
Thanks Jonathan.
Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017 : 18:22

Tom said ...
if you are still looking for the "Divine Fellowship" book then it is now uploaded, and was an interesting read!
Friday, Apr 28, 2017 : 14:19

Rodger said ...
Thanks, Tom. Any idea who he was with in 1890? There is an "A.M." In readings with FER, and wondering who that is. Has anyone ever charted the various initials?
Friday, Apr 28, 2017 : 15:08

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